EW NDI problem in OBS

Today i just update easyworship After that the NDI input at OBS cannot detect EW presence. After I install with previous version, it solved. Please check soon this version

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I am also not getting any output on my OBS even after I have installed all the needed NDI tools. My EasyWorship version is 

Is there any additional step that needs to be done? 

I have latest version of ew and have obs in second computer ndi 5 on both. Obs does not see ew alt output but it does see vmix ndi screen capture. Also I downloaded the beta ew. Restarted both computers - the beta ew shows up in obs and ew does not - I switched back and forth a number of times and no change - the second computer sees the beta ndi but not the latest version ndi

Thank you for this guide.


@LW Wolverhampton I am glad to hear that helped to resolve your issue.

Thanks Eric, I installed the NDI Tools and it seems to be working now.
Dear Eric. The question is simple. Why previous EW has no problem ? New update should be no problem. We also has installed the latest NDI tools. Honestly we affraid to try this update again.

@LW Wolverhampton Make sure that you have installed the most up to date NDI tools for Windows from this link: NDI TOOLS

This will also install a program called NDI Studio Monitor. Try accessing the EW NDI output in the NDI Studio Monitor. If the EW NDI output shows up in there, then it should work in OBS. If it still doesn't work in OBS, then it is an issue with OBS.

Hello, I'm having the same problem as the others. OBS isn't picking up the NDI source for EasyWorship Has there been a fix for this?

@Eric it doesn’t make sense to me. This setup is brand new. All apps are freshly installed. There is no reason for this not to work. I’ll keep trying on my end to see if something ends up working.

EasyWorship is sending out the signal and should be picked up through any other software that can receive NDI.

If the EW NDI is being picked up by the NDI Virtual Monitor, but not in OBS, then it is an issue with OBS, and not EasyWorship.

I'd like to add that OBS is NOT receiving EW7's NDI output. I have everything brand new and updated. I even tested on my laptop (which was the previous setup) and the EW NDI output was not accessible. This is infuriating because everything was working just fine a mere 2 days ago for our Sunday service. Now nothing is working? We need this working for Sunday. 

Here's an irony. The NDI virtual monitor app picks up the EW NDI output source, but OBS does not.

If you are still having any issues, please give us a call at +1-918-250-1493, or you can schedule a callback by going to www.easyworship.com/book.

Dear Eric. 

we already use it. and it has problem. 

Did EW try to follow up our complain ?

Also, make sure you have the OBS NDI plugin installed. 

Here is the link for that:


Basically, by 7.1.4. Version no problem. Please note it
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