NDI output stalls during PowerPoint segments

As noted in other posts, we're having problems with our (generally very reliable) EW installation (Win 10 64 bit, GTX1050, latest video drivers, all current Windows and Office updates applied) using NDI output.

Intermittently, (approximately 1 out of 3) PPTs (song words and embedded music) NDI output stalls during the segment. The PPT proceeds OK in EW, but the NDI transmitted image sticks.

Sometimes exiting the PPT segment and re-entering it resolves the issue. Sometimes an EW restart is needed. Neither are desirable mid-worship!

We've downgraded to a 720p stream, but that doesn't seem to improve the issue.

We also have the latest NDI 4 tools loaded on the machine (mainly to help debug whether the issue is local or network related). Viewing the NDI stream on NDI Studio Monitor suggests the issue is local. 

Has anyone else had the same issue? 

Have you found a way to fix it?

Where else should I be looking to help debug this issue?

I am assuming you are using NDI within EW. I too have had that problem - when sung the NDI within EW

Try this. Go to the vMix website and download the Desktop Capture utility. Install and run that. You don't see much on screen except for a small box telling you how many connectiosn you have.

Turn off the NDI within EW and use EW as normal - sending to a projector.

The vMix utility will send all 3 of your Ew screen to whatever you are using to pick up that NDI stream. Just choose the screen you wish to capture.

Just could be that the EW version of NDI is not behaving as it should. I have used the vMix NDI Desktop capture utility for a long time  - well before NDI was available in EW (V6 also)  capturing into vMix, with no issues.

That utility will also work with OBS and the Newtek NDI Tools - Studio Monitor. It will send any screen via NDI.

I acrually use NDI bidirectional - that is EW output into vMix and the vMix output into EW. Works great.


Thanks for the suggestion.

I'll give it a try.


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