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 I tried to live stream with EasyWorship but it didn't work with my capture device.  I bought a compatible device, deleted the previous song and scripture themes and started again.  When it came to putting in new song and scripture themes, nothing happened apart from one icon appearing which was called 'camera'.  I am stuck because I can't go any further.  Does anyone have experience of this and know a solution? John

Not sure what you mean by you only have one icon called camera. If you create a theme and name it camera, that is what you will see in themes. Have you tried applying the theme to see if it's working?

Hi Dan. It's ok. Eric sorted it out for me. John

How do I get to see the complete book of Matthew or any other book of the KJV? 

Hi Joe

Quite simple actually. See the Pictures as well.

Click on the tab labelled SCRIPTURE.

In the line just below that type the word Matthew  - or any other Bible book name you want.

To the right you will see that all the text from Matthew will appear verse by verse. Actually, at this point you can scroll all the way back and forther through the entire Bible!

No you cannot see it like in a Bible and NO do not try and put the whole book, or even several veres,  on screen at the same time! You will not be able to read it as the text will be so tiny.

Double click on verse 1 and it will go directly to your projection screen Likewise for all other verses.

You can drag each verse up to the schedule as individual verses and use GO LIVE to show each verse sequentially

Better still, You can group the verses together by highlighting all but the first verse in the schedule.

Hold the Control key down and drag the highlighted verse onto the first verse - wait until you see the white line under the top verse suddenly shorten then drop all verses onto the top verse. You have now made a slideshow of all the verses you need and all you need to do is to click on them to show each verse as your pastor reads them.


You can double click on any verse and it goes direct to screen as the pastor reads through the passage.

Practice this and you will find it is just one of the brilliant features of EW.

To find a text quickly try this - Say the Pastor wants Psalms 23:1

Under the scripture tab type -     Ps23.1  Yes exactly as i have shown - Ps will find Psalms, you don't need to type the whole name. Same for other books. You don't need a space just type Ps23 then a full stop - yes you don't need a colon just a full stop - it is quicker, then type the verse number and press enter. Your text will go directly to the screen.

Practice it and you will see how quick it is to get a scripture on screen.

Have fun.

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"Better still, You can group the verses together by highlighting all but the first verse in the schedule".

There is an easier way and that is to tick the "Break on new verse" box in Edit Options Scripture option.

But what I really want is the option to divide scripture into larger chunks, say up to six lines on the screen, but only allow breaks at the end of a verse so one, two or three verses might show on the same screen but always whole verses.

With all the other clever stuff EW do, it can't be that difficult!

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