pc crashes while clicking through slides while streaming


We are streaming to youtube from an encoder.   Easy worship is on an input to our video camera switcher.  We use pip to show lyrics during service. It would appear that while clicking through text our pc shuts off and must be restarted.   Is there a known issue with this running while you are also on a browser streaming through the youtube portal?

There is not a known issue like this. If the computer shuts off, I would check to make sure it isn't overheating. 

Or possibly a power supply going bad.

Used HW info.  no heat problems.. The pc stays on as long as easy worship is not running.   Blue screen says  "Thread Stuck In Device Driver"    I cant find a driver on the pc thats needs updating.  

If you get a Blue Screen the computer is NOT shutting down. It went into a protected mode. The Blue Screen will tell you what driver is causing the issue.

You can also use Nirsoft's Blue Screen View to find that information out.


Maybe a wording issue here... But  it in fact the pc   shuts down and restarts. I can not stop it or control it.   the    Stop Code: Thread stuck in Device Driver.   Only happens when Easy worship is being used.   

What video card do you have in the computer?

It is NOT Shutting down, it is ReBooting. There is a HUGE difference. And yes, you can change that behaviour if you follow the information in the linked article. Once you do that the Blue Screen will stay on the display with the computer in a protected mode. That will allow you to read the rest of the stop message as well as access the QR Code to find more details about the problem.


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