Feed themes in EasyWorship

 In the latest version of EasyWorship, the feed theme has a black background behind the text and completely hides the feed from the camera.  How can I overcome this? John

Not sure what you mean. If you edit your theme and go to Inspector and click on Background, does it show the background as being your feed?

Thank you for your reply.  No mention of this is made in the training video but in the latest version of EasyWorship, I have discovered that in Inspector there is the option to set the slide:background, mine now has Fill style:Media Fill, Media Properties:Camera Feed, (before it was empty. However, this has not changed anything. The bacground is still black except for the image of a camera in the top right corner. (See attached file)  I really don't know what to do next.

In the editor and in the Themes tab it will just be a black screen. You will only see the camera feed when you go live to it.

I have just discovered that by double clicking on the camera image in Peview Output, the feed appears behind the text in the Live Output.  Nowhere does it tell you this in the instructions.  Hopefully everything will work now.  Many thanks for your response. John

Now when I go to OBS there is nothing in the display capture so there is still a problem.  Not sure what to do now. John

Are you using a single monitor or dual monitors? If you're doing a display capture in OBS, you will need to capture the EasyWorship output screen from the secondary monitor.

I believe I’m having a similar issue, we have used EW for a long time, but just did a remodel and began using it to stream and add lower thirds. The song and scripture themes work fine of live stream, but my PowerPoint displayed instead of the camera in the stream. I feel like there’s just a small edit I’m missing on the presentation theme to make it do what I want, and show the camera feed online but PowerPoint in house.
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