NDI stream not visible in "Input Device" dropdown

We use the alternate output for subtitles for live streaming. We took this NDI stream with a feed in EW on another laptop and transferred it to the switcher via HDMI.

This worked fine until recently. But now EW no longer sees the NDI stream broadcast over the network and does not appear in the "Input Device" dropdown menu. NDI studio monitor, on the same laptop, on the other hand, sees the correct stream.

I also tested it with another laptop, but it still works as usual.

I have reinstalled EW twice and rebooted several times.

Does anyone know what is going wrong and how I can fix this?






i've been trying to connect my easyworship to vmix throught NDI but its not responding, please I need help

I converted this into a ticket so that we can try to help you trouble shoot this issue. 

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