Two Outputs While Streaming with NDI?

As far as I know, EasyWorship only allows one output, meaning that since I'm outputting an NDI for our streaming software, our in-house screens only show the "courtesy screen" look of a black screen with white text. I can't use many of the EasyWorship features like moving backgrounds and such because there aren't 2 output options for EasyWorship. 

Is this being addressed? It should already be in place with how common streaming is now. 

Yes. A new release of EW7 is currently in BETA that addresses this (among other things). See the first 3 threads ANNOUNCEMENTS for more information and also join the BETA program. 

GREAT! Just downloaded the BETA. Already loving the change! 

Question- can the EasyWorship watermark be removed? Is it there for the Beta and can't be removed? Thanks. 

You should ask that in the Public Beta Testing thread or see if that information is already answered in that thread somewhere. I'm not an employee of EW or one of the Beta Testers so I don't know the answer to that.

If you have a current subscription of EW, you can log in with your email and password for your account to remove the watermark.

I am currently using  BETA and we have the same concern. Will try this advice here. Thank you guys.

It works. I log in with my email and password. The watermark was removed.

May I know what did you do to remove the watermark?

There shouldn't be anyone using a beta at this point. All betas have expired.

As mentioned several times in this thread, you will log in to EasyWorship with your email and password on your account. If you have a valid subscription, it will remove the watermark. If you still have the watermark after logging in, you either logged into the wrong account or you don't have a valid subscription.

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