NDI/Zoom Livestream integration idea request

I'm trying to plan ahead for when we have to split easyworship usage to work with both remote viewers and live in building viewers.

We are currently in remote only with government lockdown.  I'm currently EasyWorship to run our Zoom Webinars by sharing the live screen (Screen 2) to Zoom.  Using Mevo NDI camera and video clips I can place as a background for songs, which works well for doing lyric text overlay over the camera view of our worship team.

Now for the hiccup I am trying to work around.  Our projection screen in the building is at the back of the stage directly behind our worship team.  Which creates a cascade video image of a picture in a picture to infinity times.  Also text is now a quarter size, because video feed is eating up 1/2 to 3/4 real estate on screen, so lyrics are too small for in house if I cater them towards the zoom feed.  I realized that I could use foldback here to solve this problem, but that caused a few other issues as foldback is limited in other ways, displaying images and videos in songs/etc. is not possible, only in full screen, which causes me to lose video background on main display for zoom.

Ideal feature request would be a second live feed that you can apply different themes too.  This way first live feed has camera video background and lyrics sized to work around it on 25% of the screen and second live feed without camera video background designed for stage use in house with lyrics at full size.  Obviously this will require a more powerful computer to run additional feed and overlays, but our intel i9 is currently only using 25% cpu and 50% gpu, so it should be able to handle it.

Another idea which might be faster and easier to add is to update foldback with options to turn black screen, logo screen on/off like you do with the clock option and display images/videos in songs/scriptures/presentations.  This way it could be used for in house.  Obviously we would loose the current fold back monitor option, but maybe adding a second fold back option would be easier???

You are getting video loops happening because you have your camera aimed at the screen. The multiple Picture in Picture to infinity will always happen when a camera is aimed at a creen which is showing what the camera is picking up.

You say that your screen is directly behind your on stage poeple. Change your camera angle so you are picking up the on stage action but not the screen. You can get away with a partial screen in your camera shot but not too much.

First off, there is a section of this forum specifically for requests and this isn't it.

Second, it's been requested multiple times over the last several months.

Thirdly, this is something that EW is working on. They just haven't stated when they will have it ready to go or if it will be implemented in EW7 or in the next version of EW at this point.

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