making easyworship move seamlessly from one powerpoint to the next

I just bought easyworship. We use powerpoint to create our slideshows. We have multiple powerpoint slideshows in a presentation.




Scripture reading.pptx





We load all of these into the schedule.

We want to start the live slideshow with the first powerpoint. When we get to the last slideshow in the live view we want it to go to the first slide of the next slideshow in live mode.

Currently, if it gets to the last slide of a pptx file then it loops back to the first slide of the current pptx. If we want to show the next pptx file then we have to go click on the next slideshow in the schedule to load it into live view.

How do we tell it to just go live with everything in the schedule?

Unless someone in EW Support knows otherwise, the only way to accomplish this would be to add all of that services PowerPoints into a single Powerpoint file. The only other way I could see to accomplish this would be to use a Midi controller, and I'm not certain that would even be able to do it, and no, I don't know how to set that up. You could do a search for Midi Controllers in the Support Section as I do believe they have some articles and/or videos that might be of some help.

In EasyWorship, you might need to set up a custom schedule with all your PowerPoint files in the order you want them to appear. Then, during your presentation, you can manually switch between slideshows as needed. Alternatively, you could explore third-party plugins or extensions that offer more advanced looping and transitioning features.

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