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Other Zoom posts have been about sending EasyWorship content out via Zoom.  This post is about displaying inbound Zoom content, whether a shared screen or the participant faces, through EasyWorship.  One way to do this is to use SplitCam as an intermediary.  In SplitCam, you can select the video input window to be Zoom; and in EasyWorship, you can select SplitCam as the media feed.

Unfortunately, in my case, I already use SplitCam for a different video input; and I use OBS studio for the outgoing live stream.  Is there any another way to get EasyWorship to recognize Zoom as a media feed?

Yes, there is another way to get EasyWorship to recognize Zoom as a media feed. You can use the Virtual Camera feature available in OBS Studio to create a virtual camera output from your Zoom meeting. Here's how you can set it up:

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1. Start your Zoom meeting and open OBS Studio.

2. In OBS Studio, add the Zoom meeting window as a source by clicking the "+" icon in the Sources section, selecting "Window Capture," and choosing your Zoom meeting window.

3. Arrange and resize the Zoom meeting window as per your preference in OBS Studio.

4. Go to the Tools menu in OBS Studio and click on "VirtualCam."

5. In the VirtualCam settings, make sure the "AutoStart" option is ticked.

6. Click on the "Start" button to start the virtual camera feed.

7. Now, open EasyWorship and look for the virtual camera feed as a video source. It should be listed as "OBS Virtual Camera" or similar.

By using this method, you can route your Zoom meeting through OBS Studio and make it accessible as a media feed in EasyWorship.

Zoom offers a virtual camera feature that allows you to use your Zoom meeting as a video source in other applications. To enable this feature, go to Zoom settings, navigate to the Video tab, and enable the "Virtual Background" option. Then, during your Zoom meeting, select "Zoom Virtual Camera" as your camera source in EasyWorship.

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Launch EasyWorship and locate the virtual camera feed in the list of available video sources. The appropriate designation should be "OBS Virtual Camera" or a comparable one. 

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You can use the video from your Zoom conference as a source for other apps. Go to Zoom settings, choose the Video tab, and turn on the "Virtual Background" option to activate this function.

Depending on the hardware and software you already have available, any of these options could potentially work to get the Zoom video feed into EasyWorship. You may need to experiment and test different configurations to find the one that works best for your setup. Crossy Road

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