Is EasyWorship 7 compatible with Blackmagic's Decklink DUO 2?

Hello, just wondering if EasyWorship 7 is compatible with Blackmagic's Decklink Duo 2 and if so, on what platforms (Mac or Windows or both)? Anything to note when configuring?

I am looking to have a regular full screen output with lyrics on SDI 1, and use SDI 2 and 4 for KEY/FILL for my live stream.


Any updates on the Decklink cards support?
This has been a request on multiple threads for more than 3 years now.


Currently, EW does not support the Decklink cards

First off, EasyWorship is a Windows program only. As for the Decklink Duo Pro, it isn't listed on the System Requirements page so I tend to doubt it. When someone from EW looks at this post (probably not until Monday) they might have some additional information on it.

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