flickering video after Windows update

I am currently running Easy Worship 7 on an i7-6700 CPU @ 3.4 GHz with 8 GB of RAM.

The HP Z238 computer came with 3 video outputs that I have feeding the main system monitor and two projectors.

In addition I have a separate video card feeding two other monitors. One is set to duplicate the front projector and the other I use to display the OBS live streaming app.

The problem I have is that after the latest Windows update my rear projector, that I use as a foldback monitor, flickers when playing video or still images through Easy Worship.  Text from the foldback song lyrics is fine.  Also when I run video to that monitor without going through Easy Worship is it OK.  The video seems to keep up ok, it doesn't freeze up,  but it's like someone is flicking the  monitor off and on really fast.  The same video looks great on the front monitor at the same time.  It's only the foldback monitor that seems to have this problem.

I have tried various settings but have been unable to get it to settle down.  When Windows did its update it messed up a lot of my video settings.  It was a lot of fun trying to get everything working again on Sunday morning after that update.  It REALLY messed up the OBS live streaming app.  Took me two weeks to get that sorted!

As a quick fix so our youth could have some stable lyrics to read from the karaoke videos they played for a concert I just duplicated the front and rear monitors and shut off the fold back option.  That worked fine.

Any ideas?

What are the 2 video cards that are in the computer?

The on board card is an Intel HD Graphics 530.  That's what I have the two projectors and the main monitor for the PC connected to.

The add on card I installed is an NVIDIA GeForce GT 710.  I have two other monitors connected to it.  One is set to duplicate the front projector and the other is an extra monitor I use to display the OBS screen for the live streaming.

Neither of those graphics cards or chips meets the minimum requirements for EW. It's possible you could get by if you if you run EW7 build, but even that would be somewhat problematic unless you eliminate transitions and keep videos and motion backgrounds to a low bitrate 720p or 480presolution.

You can try going to Edit - Options - Advanced and under "Video Card Options" check the box to "Disable GPU Shrink Filter" and see if that helps. This is ONLY a diagnostic tool and isn't meant for every day usage. If that clears up the problem you know you need a better graphics solution.

You can also try to download the latest graphics drivers for you cards from HP for the Intel and Nvidia for the 710. The Intel HD 530 is about 40% more powerful than the GT 710. Also note that EW does not like running with multiple graphics card. It runs best with everything off of a single card.

It looks like the switch to worked.  

May have fixed another issue I was having too.  With 7.2 my media tab didn't want to open.  It would lock up the whole program just by clicking on the tab.  If I went into the presentation tab first, and pulled up one of my presentations that included video or image media and played it first I could get into the media tab with no problem afterwards.  Very odd. seems much more stable. is considerably more dependent on your graphics cards/chip that the older EW is aware of the issue and looking into it, but I seriously doubt that the 7.2.x.x builds will ever be capable of running on lower end and unsupported graphics that the 7.1.x.x series will. And if you have a lot of videos and images in your Media Resource Area I could see EW locking up, or at least freezing up for awhile with low end and unsupported graphics like the GT 710 and HD 530. 

Overall I have found to be more stable than any previous build of EW7. But I am using it on a Ryzen 5 3600, 16 gigs of ram, an SSD, and a GTX 1660 Super at Church and a Ryzen 9 3900X, 32 gigs of ram, NVME SSD, and an 8 gig RX 480 at home. Even our old EW computer with an i5 2500, 8 gigs of ram, SSD, and a GTX 970 runs just fine. I only ran into issues on the i5 system when it had an older Radeon HD 7870.

Can Intel (R) HD Graphics card work on easy worship 6 and 7 without flickering.

Intel hasn't released a graphics card since the i740 in 1998, although they are working on releasing one sometime in the next couple of years. At this point we have no idea if they will work with EW or not. Any Intel graphics are integrated on the motherboard, with most being integrated into the CPU. They are not capable of running EW properly, especially any video or video backgrounds. It will sometimes work for text only with plain backgrounds. That includes the latest Intel graphics, and is even worse with older Intel platforms. 

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