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We have just upgraded from EW 6 to EW 7, mainly because we are now live streaming and want to use NDI to get EW into vMix but also in the (vain) hope that we would no lnger have random freezes during the service. Unfirtunately we are still experiencing freezes which necessitate closing and reopening EW - a situation which is less than optimal during a song or sermon.

We encountered this problem in EW6 and re-built the PC from scratch. Unfortunately are encountering it again in EW 7 and I am loath to rebuild the PC again unless I am sure it is going to help. On Sunday EW froze twice - one when changing 'slides' in a song showing words from the EW database and once changing slides during a PorwePoint presentation.

We are using a Dell Precision T1700 workstation with an Xeon E3 1246 v3 CPU, 16GB RAM, an SSD and an AMD FirePro W4100 GPU. We have the latest versions of EW and NDI drivers installed (though NDI was not installed when we had the issues with EW 6). I have attached an export text file of the PC's System Information screen and the equivalent NFO format of the same information.

I would appreciate any guidance as to how I could make EW less unstable. 


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Cliff, The first thing of concern that I see is that your video card is an AMD FirePro. These video cards are listed in our Unsupported hardware list in our system requirements because they cause problems like what you're having. My first recommendation would be to replace that card with one that is recommended like an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or higher, especially since you're going to be using NDI to vMix.

Thanks Dan

I've ordered a 1060 and will let you know how we gat on

I'm not saying that is definitely the issue, but that is the first place to start. But hopefully that is all it takes.

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