Is EasyWorship 7 compatible with Blackmagic's Decklink DUO 2?

Hello, just wondering if EasyWorship 7 is compatible with Blackmagic's Decklink Duo 2 and if so, on what platforms (Mac or Windows or both)? Anything to note when configuring?

I am looking to have a regular full screen output with lyrics on SDI 1, and use SDI 2 and 4 for KEY/FILL for my live stream.


First off, EasyWorship is a Windows program only. As for the Decklink Duo Pro, it isn't listed on the System Requirements page so I tend to doubt it. When someone from EW looks at this post (probably not until Monday) they might have some additional information on it.

Currently, EW does not support the Decklink cards

Any updates on the Decklink cards support?
This has been a request on multiple threads for more than 3 years now.


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