Lower Thirds for Live Stream only

I am going to try and make this clear as possible... I want to start getting my church's live stream through EasyWorship so the viewers can see the lyrics (Lower Thirds) while having a camera feed of our congregation. However, I do not want that feed showing up on our projection with the full screen lyrics and whatever theme as been chosen for that song. Do I have to have two separate EasyWorship things running. One for the church and the lyrics, making a second one for the live streamers. 

No, you do not need two EWs running. If you have the latest release/build ( you can use the alternate output to stream with lower thirds without affecting the in house screens. Unfortunately I don't know how to do this as our Church doesn't stream, but if you search the Knowledge Base and Training videos from the Support Page you should find instructions on accomplishing it. 


Thanks for the response. The fact that you say this is possible, is all I need!

Good luck. 

Thank you!

Hi - we have just started using this on our alternate output, but it only seems to be available for the "Songs".

It would be really cool to be able to do this with Scriptures also, while keeping the existing format for the main display.


Referring to my previous comment - it looks like I didn't read this article correctly - and that it should be possible.


there is -as far as I know- a big restriction: 
If you want exactly two lines of text for your lowerthird lyrics, you have to change your songs into this separation: split each verse into blocks of two lines
And check it those appear as two lines on both the main screen and the Alternate Output. (if the with of these two are not equal or the font-size is quite different then one of the outputs can show splitted lines, thus creating more than the desired two lines of text on your Alternate output.

I know the existance of Dutch Lyrics Presentation software that has a feature to build your songs for main screen with full verses shown there.
And at the same time show in blocks of two lines on the Alternate Output to be used as lowerthirds in the live stream.

the operator sees those verses automatically splitted into two lines ( or just one, leftover line) and thus the need to click through text earlier for the livestream, while on the main screen the whole verse stays there until the next.. and so on.

A nice feature, but I think not (yet) available within EasyWorship.

I currently do this at our church and it works great. I do it a little differently because OBS temporarily took NDI support away in an upgrade. It may be back now, but I ended up liking my current setup. We setup our songs to only use 4 lines at a time. I copy the scriptures being used into another song file called Sermon, along with the pastors points, also keeping everything as 4 lines max. Then in OBS we use a scene with camera feed and add a capture display of the foldback display and crop the image using points just around the 4 lines of text, then shrink it down to lower third in OBS. Again make sure your font is setup in easyworship at the same size for songs and scriptures. Then you just create a filter to chroma key out the black or whatever color is setup for your foldback display. If not using a foldback you can do the same thing, but you either have to use a plain colored background if you want to mask out the background, or just use the motion background and no filter is needed.
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