Can I set a song up with a separate Alt Theme to it, not the default?

I have been working with the Alt Theme and that works great, but I'd like to setup a new Alt Theme so I can output a full video on tv's, but on Alt Theme I'd like to use the camera feed, but in corners do the media video...  This is for our offertory background.   What I tried was setup a new song "00 - Offertory", set that up with a full screen video loop.  Then setup a Offertory Alt theme, and apply that to song.  Problem is that the Default Alt Theme is always set for all songs....  Can you designate a Alt Theme per song\scripture\

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Currently, you can only set one default Alt theme for all songs. If you want to change it for a different song, you will have to go to themes and change the default theme at that time.

You will be able to change themes per song in the future.

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