Seperate lyric ourtput for live and broadcast?

 I have been reading through the forum and FAQs looking for a solution or workaround.  I am looking at using EW to send lyrics/scripture to a live audience screen and a broadcast.  The live screen needs to be full screen with multiple lines of text while the broadcast screen is lower thirds with 2 or 3 lines.  I have not seen a way to to this at the same time.   Any tips will be appreciated.

Which build number of EW7 are you running? Also are you on a subscription?

7.3 and subscription.

I do have separate themes working on the main screen and broadcast.  Still need to find an easy way to have separate liens of text.

There is not a way to show different content on the outputs. Each output will show the same content, but you can have different themes set to them. 

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