2 second lag when advancing slides using NDI to OBS

I'm live streaming and using an NDI connection from EasyWorship to OBS. When I advance a song slide there is about a 1.5 to 2 second delay before the output appears in OBS. This makes life quite difficult when only displaying 2 or 3 lines at a time of a fast song to ensure the words appear at the right time. Is this normal or are there some settings I should be checking out?

I'm using EW v7.3, OBS V27.1.3 and the OBS NDI plugin is up to date. 

Any suggestions for improving the transition time?

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I have experienced this problem for quite awhile.   When the Beta version came out, it was only about a half second, but after the latest versions it has increased to over a second.   You can see this delay on any of our livestreams at our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/shilohdurhammaine :  For example see https://fb.watch/8_kkbtJN3y/   You can see the main screen in the background and notice the delay when the lower third appears.

I am using a similar setup as Pete Beddall

Hi all. We had/have this problem with our NDI cameras too. The video delay creeps up over time. OBS V27.0.1 should be okay without this delay. Some have found that V27.1.3 can work without delay if you use the "low latency - experimental" mode for the NDI source. This seems to work for us. If you want to run v27.0.1 without being pestered to update just make the OBS updates folder read only. Hope it helps.

Sorry, I mean deny the user access to the %APPDATA%\obs-studio\updates folder. This will prevent downloading of the update manifest.

Thank you so much for the suggestion.   It made a big difference.  There is hardly any lag between the two.   Running a video seems to be a bit choppy though nothing terrible and the audio is now synced with the video.  Thank you again.   In case anyone else has the issue, on the NDI plugin use the scroll bar to bring the options to the bottom to find the low latency option (took me a long time to notice that).

Hi Donald. So glad it worked for you. And sorry I didn't mention the need to scroll down in options. If video playback is choppy your video card might be struggling with OBS and EZW. You can use Task Manager - Performance - Graphics Card on Win10 to check whether you are maxing out the graphics processor or it's memory. Or if EZW is on a separate machine make sure you've got a gigabit network link between them. 1080p NDI takes about 130Mbps. Took me ages to work out what was making our cameras choppy before I discovered the PoE injectors I was using were only capable of 100Mbit!

Thanks for the suggestion Joel, but it didn't work for me - exactly the same delays. I'll continue to play with a few settings and see if I can improve things...

I have subsequently found that using the Low Latency setting did in fact significantly reduce the lag - I had thought a restart of OBS would be good enough to test it, but it seemed to only take effect after a reboot. So a belated thanks to Joel.

Hello, we use the most recent version and we also have a delay of 1 to 2 seconds when we broadcast via OBS compared to the screen on stage. Can this be resolved somehow?
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