Alpha Channel Layout Different than Main Display

Is it possible to configure the alpha channel to be lower thirds and the main display to be full screen?  We are working with going Live instead of pre recorded.  To do this we still need to broadcast words to the front of the house full screen, but want to be able to broadcast video with lower thirds text on the live stream.  Is this possible via the alpha channel?  Currently all it does is pull the back ground off of the main channel text, and I cannot move it to a lower thirds area.  The Themes appear to allow us to create a lower thirds layout, but that is for all the screens.  Please help.  We are using the latest version of Easy Worship 7.  I just updated is this past tuesday.  We are using the ATEM Mini Pro as our video switcher.  I've think I have watched all the videos on the setup of EasyWorship 7 and the ATEM and have followed those directions.


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Hi Brian, You have not been able to do this with the current EW setup. But we have just released the beta for our next version which includes an Alternate Output. You are welcome to download the beta and try it out in your setup.

This new version will allow you to do what you want.

Public Beta testing for next EasyWorship version release : EasyWorship 

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