No house sound with images?

We live stream using EW7 with OBS on a W10 desktop. It has a Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro 4K capture card that has incoming audio from house soundboard and camera feed both from a Roland V-1HD Switcher. Everything works flawlessly except when we show an image. When we show an image that drops out the camera feed and also the audio in OBS. I no longer have the audio from the soundboard going out on our stream. I have tried running a separate sound source from the Roland to the computer using a line in or a mic port. Nothing. I have tired placing the mixer feed on the image, creating a PowerPoint, theme, presentation - nothing. Image does not offer an audio option - unless I am missing something??


Looks to me that you have all audio going from the camera and Ew output going directly to OBS.

I suggest that you would be better to send ALL audio to your in house audio mixer and picking up an output from that to send to OBS.

Also, even though I am using 7 cameras, none of the cameras are providing any audio for the stream. All our audio for the stream comes from the audio mixing desk - much better quality for the stream.

I am not familiar with how OBS works as we use vMix but there is likely to be an audio input setting in OBS that you need to have right to pick up from your audio mixer.

If, as I think you are doing - picking up audio from a camera, when you change feeds in OBS you are likely also chnaging audio feeds - hence no audio when you show a picture. There may be a setting in OBS that will always pick up audio from the camera source whether you are displaying that feed or not. I think vMix is able to do that. Check out all your OBS audio settings.

My issue is there is no option in EW to have audio with an image.   We have EW showing output to screens and to OBS - there is a tutorial on the EW website that shows how to do this.

But the minute I show an image in EW the audio drops out - there is no audio output for an image from EW.  This means I have to change scenes in OBS and use a different audio feed in OBS to continue to output audio to our stream.   This creates all kinds of fun for the sole operator to change scenes in OBS to show an image and also show the same image in house at the same time.  There is no way to have an image and audio feed from EW.  I have tried everything - from dropping a feed on the image to creating a presentation to making a powerpoint - nothing!  

Am I missing something obvious? 

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