screen stutter/flicker during stream via OBS

on going issue with dropped data - or flicker - during stream.  Using EW to stream via OBS to YouTube channel.  The flicker shows up shortly into the stream.  Increased the bandwidth 100/10 from provider, but problem persists. 

PC i7 32g memory Win10 Home running a Data Video PTZ-140 camera on 4K cable to Data Video Cap 2 USB adaptor into PC

What graphics card/chipset? What generation of i7? Just saying i7 is essentially saying absolutely nothing as there have been 11 generations of them along with a couple of sub-gens with a wide gamut of performance from poor to excellent.  Also, are you using a spinning hard drive or SSD? Spinning drives can easily cause that problem with Windows 10 due to the amount of diagnostics and updating that Win10 performs when it starts. I've seen that push a hard drive to 90 to 100% usage for well over an hour which can drop the performance dramatically and will cause stutter. An SSD will be able to accomplish those tasks in a few minutes. This is especially important on a computer that may only be used on Sunday mornings for Church services.

Also, what BUILD of EW are you running? You can find that under Help - About.

Donal, thank you for your response on my question.  500g SSD, Graphix NVIDIA GEForce GTX 1660 Super and the i7 is 10th Generation 8Core

EW Build

Well, that hardware should work just fine as long as you are running either build or What are your stream settings in OBS? And what are your actual upload speeds (download speeds aren't used for streaming) just before the actual stream starts? Our Church is supposed to have 10 but on a good Sunday we might only have 6 so we only stream at 3 to have some cushion. With a verified 10 up I would limit to 5 or 6 to be safe. And make sure that you aren't sharing your bandwidth with Guests as that can really cause issues. It's not uncommon to have parishioners try to live stream some, or all of a service on their cell phone piggy backing off of your Guest WiFi which is why we turned the Guest account off.

Donal, I switched from OBS to vMix and the issue went away so it's somewhere in the OBS settings. You said you switched off guest access.  Pardon my lack of knowledge here but how is that done?  Do you mind explaining "we only stream at 3 to have some cushion."  Thanks.

also, speed test with an empty church came in 9.86 upload so it will be interesting to check it just before worship service this morning to see what kind of bandwidth load we're drawing.

Some Church's have a Guest WiFi account setup in their router along with their main WiFi account. The Guest account doesn't have access to the Church Printers and computers for security purposes. They allow parishioners to log into their Guest WiFi account for internet access although with most Cell Phone carriers providing generous Data plans these days many are discontinuing that practice.

The internet speeds tend to fluctuate somewhat. You might get 9 up one minute and only 5 up a few minutes later. It is recommended to stream at about one half of your actual upload to account for those fluctuations so your stream doesn't freeze or stutter. So if you have say 9mbps up then you would want to stream about 5mbps to cover the fluctuations In OBS you would go to Settings - Output - and set your video bitrate to 5000kbps (the same as 5mbps). If you click on the Advanced tab there are even more settings that you can configure. VMix would have a setting like there somewhere but I haven't used it and don't have it installed to tell you where it is located.

I appreciate your response to my query, Donal. Graphix NVIDIA GEForce GTX 1660 Super, 500 GB SSD, and an i7 processor (10th generation, 8 cores) 

build now gg

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