Font changes during presentation

Hello, this past Sunday we were doing the service as normal and then the font size increased so that we could see only a few words in the middle of the verse.  I closed EZW and restarted... it began fine once again ad then reset.  One the third song, it displayed as normal and then on the sermon notes it again when big... 

I went through the entire presentation with no problems Saturday night.  I cannot find anything that would automatically increase the size.  We use EZW on a computer with an HDMI cable to two TV screens.  This setup has worked multiple times a week for 3 years.  

Any ideas?  Thanks, Vance

Not sure what could be happening there. Can you attach your schedule that is having this problem and we can take a look at it?

Hmmm..  I tried but the file size is too large.  I tested it again during the week by running through the slides, as I did the day before the service without issue.  It acted like somehow something else was setting the screen resolution for the secondary monitor... 

Hmmm... I tried to attach the file but I received an error because of size limitations...  I ran through the schedule again, as I had previously and again there were no problems.  During the service it acted like something was resetting the secondary monitor resolution automatically... This past Sunday we had no problems once again...  If there is a way to provide the schedule, I have it available.  Thanks.

You could upload the file to Google Drive (or similar cloud storage that has the capacity to hold it, then link that to a post here.  

 Just remember to make it shareable.

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