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I am using the latest software for EW (yes I've installed the most recent update). I am also using OBS software to livestream to our church FB page.  (and yes I have done the latest update on this software as well.) Windows did an update last week and in doing so it messed up my settings.  OBS projected a black screen with sound.  I have been trying all week to get this back to working and can not get it to work.

I follow the video directions in the help data base.  The problem is that i have the output monitor set to NDI Stream.  I have tried the output format to 4 different settings and all the settings do the same.  The output monitor does NOT show the live presentation.  It is a blank screen or image of my desktop with my computer Icons at the bottom of the screen.  I must be missing a step or something. Can you please help me?  

Thank you,


The initial live output is always black until you go live with something like a song or a scripture . Try going live with something and see if it shows up. 

Thank you for your response. I know it is initially black. I can see the live output when I use the “secondary” screen. But when I switch it to the NDI that’s when I don’t see my live screen ON the screen or in FACEBOOK. It’s confusing I know.
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