Bible Translation

I purchased a CSB Bible translation through EW on my home laptop for use in our services, thinking it would show up on our main computer at church. It is not showing up at church. Is there a way I can get the whole CSB Bible translation to show up on the main church computer or do I have to purchase another one on the church computer?

The link below lists all of the Bibles that are available. Some are included in the base install of EW while the rest need to be added later. Some are free and some cost $29 US due to licensing issues.

Does EasyWorship have the following Bible versions ?

Revised New American Bible (RNAB)

Revised Standard Version (Catholic edition) (RSVCE)

Jerusalem Bible (JB)

Thank you

Yes, I purchased it thru the church account, but on my laptop. Thank you. I will try the "more available" link on the church computer and see if that works.

First, did you purchase the Bible thru the same account that the Church uses? That's normally the biggest issue.

Second, it won't be automatically installed on the Church's computer. You'll need to click the "more available" link before the active Bibles on the Church computer, search for the CSB Bible, and install it on the Church Computer. 

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