Remote App Keeps Losing Connection

Our sound system and computer station is on a balcony and we use an iPad with the remote app on the stage.  Things go well for about an hour and then loses connection without warning.

We only use the one iPad for EW - and the wi-fi is good.

ANy suggestions for avoiding this?  Is there a way to easily reconnect without going upstairs to click on the program again?

We are short on the staffing department and do not have someone in the booth.  Everything is app based.

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You will want to make sure the computer isn't going to sleep or going to screensaver mode or even that the monitor turns off. All of that needs be disabled while EW is open. If all that is disabled then your router could be dropping the connection.

We have the same issue.  My iphone stays connected, my ipad does not.  It's not going to sleep or screensaver.   I can see the schedule, it just doesn't allow me any control.

We have the same issue.  I tried to give one of my Android tablets with the EW app on it (in 'view only' mode) for a legally blind person in our congregation that can read large text close up, but it locks up after a bit so that didn't work out.  Wifi is strong, and on 5G.  (I control our X32 mixer over it just fine)  The desktop running EW is configured to never sleep and not turn off the monitor.  The EW computer is being used to run the lyrics in real-time, so the Tablet is only acting as a remote display for the Lyrics display for the legally blind lady.

I wish the app worked consistently, and either there was a separate app just for viewing the projector output (and nothing else, locked to Landscape, etc) - or that the regular app had an option to do that.  (Currently it doesn't, if you turn it into Portrait mode, it changes and shows all the verses in tiny text, etc.)


PS: Killing and restarting the app restores the functionality... for a bit.

PPS: Trying to use the app normally as a remote also results in it locking up periodically. 

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