Display Name of person on stage

Is there a way to display the name of the person on stage so that people know who is presenting?

I've been asked by our online community to add this to our live stream.

I've considered using Alerts but that does not seem to be very "creative" way to display that information.



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Look under presentations there is an announcement that comes created already that you can show on lower thirds the name of the presenter 

Here is a video of what is looks like https://screenrec.com/share/C3ruKVYoFh

@Terry ... does this not, though, replace the presentation already on screen? Other than the Message Alerts, is there a way to OVERLAY the on-screen presentation with a name/title? AFAIK, we can format message alerts only globally (regarding background color, opacity, and location, at least), and a typical "alert" would likely be better separate from a "Name/Title" alert.

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