projector problem

Live output goes to desktop screen and not projector \. I have done all the display setup that have been recommended. 

Margaret, while that method does work, the method I posted above is much simpler and takes a lot less time and effort. It also guarantees that you get everything transferred as well as maintains all of your customizations as well as your Collections, something your method doesn't do. 

The method that worked for me to transfer songs over to a new database was this:

- On the old database add all of the songs you want to move to a new schedule.

- Save the schedule, making sure the "pack files in schedule" option is ticked

- On the new database open the file and use the "check schedule for changes" feature to import them into the new database

(click the gear icon on the top right of the schedule window, click "check schedule for changes, select all, and check "import only lyrics for songs")

I had to break up the process into a few parts as it wouldn't handle more than a few hundred songs in a schedule.

Thank you, Donal. And I have done that already (twice).

I fixed it! I just had to switch where the monitors and the projectors were plugged in! Thank you. Now if I could just find all my songs that I had already in Easyworship on the old computer.

 I know you stated you have done all of the recommended display setup, but it that is the case it would have worked. Go back over the information in the linked Support Document. It covers everything you need to do.

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