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We previously used MediaShout and are moving to Easyworship.  One of the process's our coordinator did was create powerpoint slides with the song lyrics for display and then added prerecorded music to play as operator would advance slides.

With Easyworship if I import the PowerPoint slides (previously created) into the application, I am unable to add the media file to play prerecorded music for each of the slides (lyrics).  What am I missing?

You need to add the prerecorded media to the PowerPoint Presentation using PowerPoint itself then import the presentation into EasyWorship.

But it's actually easier to just use the build in Song function in EW to set up the lyric slides then drag and drop the audio file onto the song. Place the specific song lyrics in the schedule and then while holding down the shift key drag and drop the audio file onto the song.

You can install EW on the computer of the person who creates the lyric slides so they don't have to be at the Church to do them. Once they create the schedule use File - Save Schedule As to save the schedule making sure to check the box that says Pack Files In Schedule. Save it to a USB Flash Drive, take that to the Church, copy the schedule file to the computer, then open it. While it will often times work to just open the schedule directly from the USB flash drive, it's seen it cause problems with stuttering and lag so I recommend copying the file to the computers hard drive first. Hard drives, and especially SSDs are considerably faster and more reliable than usb flash drives. You don't even have to register EW on their computer. EW will display a watermark that says EasyWorship on the output display that will not be saved onto the file that is created.

You can use the Backup and Restore utility (linked below) to copy the EW database on the EW computer at the Church and place it on the person who creates the slides or schedule. That way they would both have copies of the same files on their computers.

Thank you, as I was exploring further, videos etc.  I thought that might be the direction to go.  I will look into going that route.

There are a lot of training videos and knowledge base articles that can help with learning EW. I went thru a lot of them when our Church purchased EW many years ago, and check back to see what new ones they have released. 

Sync problems may arise if the frame rates of your audio and video files are out of sync. Here are a few additional details for you:

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