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Good day, i have brought my complaints several times but no response to it. i watched a tutorial video which shows that before i can register offline i need to have an account which i have acquire already. Now the problem is i have save the file. I then went back to internet and type a menu appeared for me log in which i did in other to proceed software license is not on page. 

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If that computer has an internet connection, you don't need to register offline. That is only for computers that cannot connect to the internet. Follow the steps in the article Don posted above and that should get it registered for you. If that doesn't work, contact support directly and they can help you get it registered.

The first few lines of this support document before the video provides specific instructions. If that doesn't work there's a 99.99% chance you are entering the incorrect email address and/or password.

I think you have to access the internet to proceed. 


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Again I ask...  Does the computer you're trying to register not have an internet connection? 

Does the computer you're trying to register not have an internet connection?

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