Combine EW7 and OBS streaming on one laptop

We as a church think about buying a new powerfull laptop with Ryzen7 CPU and RTX3070 Nvidea GPU.

The Nvidea GPU will be used as NVENC encoder in OBS to live stream to Youtube.

Can a powerfull laptop use the Nvidea GPU simultanesly for EW7 and OBS? So EW7 and OBS will be used at the same time on one laptop.

Besides lyrics, scriptures and Powerpoints we will also play movies in EW7 and the idea is that the EW7 output through NDI wil enter OBS --> Youtube live stream.

Is this possible? Will a fast laptop be able to handle this? OBS will stream to YouTube in 1080p, 5mbit/s

If it runs off of an SSD yes. But you are better off using separate computers for each of those tasks. 

Yes, we have 2 laptop setup now but we have a shortage of people qualified to do this... We are facing post-Covid times with full churches again so the livestream will be more simple with only two camera's. So EW7 and OBS task can be done by one person.

If OBS and EW7 can technically be combined on one laptop, it would help a lot.

Yes, you can do both as long as the laptop has enough input/output ports to handle everything and is powerful enough. You could always try it on the more powerful of your two laptops to see how it works with them prior to purchasing a new one. Even a test run during the middle of the week.

For future reference, I bought a Lenovo Legion with Ryzen7 5800h and Nvidia 3060RTX and it works great! EW output through NDI to beamer and OBS. No problem for 1080p movies at all

Good to hear. 

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