Easy Worship as an Input to VMix

  • I am a prospect for Easy Worship. We have a  PC specifically built for AV with VMix and 3 cameras. I would like to add a laptop with Easy Worship.
  • Do I understand correctly that I can open the 3 cameras as inputs on VMix and in Easy Worship use 2 of the same cameras as a background to overlay hymns and bible verses.
  • Cal Hunter

Hi Cal, To get the camera inputs into EW, you would have to have them connected to the computer via a capture card or through NDI out from vMix and create a feed in EW under the Media tab > Feeds. If you already have them connected to the other PC, you wouldn't be able to have them display through EW at the same time.

However, if you do have them set up in EW as feeds, you can use those feeds as your backgrounds for your songs and scriptures.

Hi Dan, thanks for can ew6 create feed with 2 cameras connected to the atem mini capture card/switcher? I have atem mini and I want to use ew6 with vmix. But when I create feed on ew6 it still comes out blank. When I used elgato hd60s with one camera connected to it I could create camera feed but now I have upgraded to 2 cam and with the atem mini on vmix but my feed created is still blank and not showing any camera connected to the atem mini. What am I missing here please


You could feed your cameras into HDMI splitters and the feed one output to EW and one to vMIx. You could then use the inputs seperately in each program.

There are ways though to do it vie NDI using the NDI Tools.

Thank you!


I am a little confused as to exactly what you are wanting to do. You say you have an ATEM Mini but want to use EW6 with vMix.

If you have vMix, why would you want to use the Atem?

I assume you have a PC running EW 6. Are you wanting to feed the two cameras into the ATEM then to EW or are you planning to feed vMix into EW as a feed? Assuming too that  you cameras are all HDMI.

Either way you will need and an HDMI capture device to capture the output of either the ATEM or vMix. I assume your Elgato is working fine.

Depending on exactly what you want to do will depend on how you need to set it all up

I agree with Alvin. Toyin, we need more info on what you are trying to accomplish.

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