Adding Theme Elements

How can I move the "Title - Artist - Copyright" element at the bottom of a song theme? It is stuck to the bottom and I want it at the top.

When I add a text element, it only displays what I've typed into it.  How do I get it to be a "smart" element?

The copyright box position can't be moved - however it can be completely deleted from showing on all slides.

Follow Terry's tips to remove it permenantly.

I'll start working on the wording for my "Feature Requests"...

It is only what you manually type into it. 

Thanks Terry.  How about the 'Text Box'?  Is that destined to only show what I type in it? or can it pull info from...somewhere?

I am sorry but there is not a way to move it. You can have it show up only on the first slide if you go to Edit//Options//Song// and check that option. 

This would make a good Feature Request which you can add here. Feature Requests

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