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Apologies, I am sure this type of question is a regular... and I suspect I know the answer and am  simply trying to deny it... The church recently moved from OpenLP to EasyWorship7 and I am finding that the video through EW7 is choppy - the audio comes out fine, but the video picture stutters...
We are currently running our AV through a Lenovo V145-15AST, with an AMD A9-9425 Radeon R5 processor, 8gb RAM and 3.1Ghz CPU.
I am struggling to find a definitive answer, but are these specs up to task for running video through easy worship or will I need to look at purchasing a new graphics card? (If so, any advice on an affordable graphics card that will do the job decently without breaking the bank?)

Many thanks in advance

You can possibly run the basic EW on these specs, but they are below even our minimum requirements. You can google search and compare your hardware with the minimum requirements on our site and they are significanly lower. 
That is why your videos are jittery. You can probably run still images only with text.

You can try upgrading your video card, but your processor is still barely at or below requirements. 

Depending on what types of videos you want to play will determine how good a video card you will want to get. At minimum, I would recommend an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, but you would have to make sure something like that would even fit in your computer and that your power supply can handle it.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the swift response - I suspected it was something like that... though honestly, I didn't think it was as bad as you have said..

Would this be sufficient then:


9th Gen Intel Core i5-9300H Quad-core processor


512Gb SSD

3GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Dedicated Graphics Card

Many thanks for your time.

Yes. That would meet the recommended requirements.

Fantastic. Thanks again for your time Dan.
Hi Dan. I went ahead and purchased the Medion Erazer P15607. Loaded up a schedule with a JPEG as a logo, two videos of about 5minutes each and two song slides. However, the videos are still jittery.... am I missing a setting or something? Many thanks in advance Mark

Interesting. It could need a video card driver update. We have seen that doing a clean install on the video card driver is fixing this issue when users have video cards that meet the requirements. Go to Nvidia and download the driver for your card and during the install choose to do a clean install and then see if that works. 


Thanks Dan. That seems to have made a difference - I'll run a more thorough check tomorrow morning, but it's looking hopeful.

Thanks for the swift response.

You're welcome. I hope that resolves it!

We have been using EW for a long time.  We have just upgraded our laptop to a new one with windows 11 as the platform.  

we have also upgraded to EW 7.  When we show a long hymn the preview pane is showing the full verse but the live output is missing the last line.  Help !

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