PowerPoint slides not correctly highlighted in Live view to reflect Live output

EasyWorship Version:

EasyWorship Build Number:

Operating System:
Windows 10 Professional 64bit

CPU type & speed:
Core i5 6500  3.20 Ghz

Amount of system memory (RAM):

Free hard drive space:
420Gb (primary drive)  879Gb (secondary drive)

Graphics card model:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

Graphics card memory:

Capture card if applicable:

How is your computer connected to the output screen(s)?

Description of the bug:
When a PowerPoint presentation is live and you are changing between the slides (using cursor keys or spacebar or arrow buttons), the Live view highlighting (and text below 'Live Ouput' Slide X of Y) for the current slide is not updated.  The 'Live Output' preview is correct and shows the current slide.

If you click on a thumbnail image then the slide is shown live and the highlighting updates as well as the Slide X of Y text.

It seems to work at first but once it starts happening for a particular file it always does it from then on until the file is removed from the schedule and added again or EW is restarted and the schedule reloaded.

It has been noticed that if you change slides rapidly it can cause it to start or if slide has longer or more complex transitions and you change the slide befoe the transistion has completed.

See attached image to see the issue with a simple PowerPoint file which is also attached.

Using PowerPoint 2016 - 64bit

How was your service impacted?
No real impact as yet we are still testing and are not using v6 for general use. Concern is it may confuse novice users.

How was your preparation time impacted?

Step by step instructions on how to reproduce the bug:

1.  Add PowerPoint file to schedule.

2.  Take PowerPoint live

3.  Advance through slides using cursor keys and highlighting of current slide should change

4.  Rapidly advance through slides or change slide before transitions competed

5.  Highlighting (and text Slide X or Y) does not now update/move when the current slide is changed.

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We have this same issue - the sermon notes pptx file shows black screens in the preview and live tabs of EW6.75. However, they do display correctly on the projector. This is after importing the PPTX into the Presentation tab. Any tips? Graphics card tweaks? Display settings issue? Definitely need some help!

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