[Fixed build 6.4.8] Song editor duplicating last slide in new songs

 I am running EW 6.4.6 on Windows 10.0.10586 (ie the recent "November update").

I am having problems with the song editor.  When I create a new song, and click OK, then display the song, the final slide gets duplicated.  If I then edit the song, delete the duplicate slide (in the Words tab) and save again, the duplicate slide reappears when the song is displayed or edited.  I get this behaviour if I cut and paste all verses/slides at once (and then tidy up the slide breaks), or if I copy and paste single verses/slides, or if I manually type in the verses.

If the final slide is left blank (ie nothing in the "song" field of the "Words" window), the blank slide gets duplicated when the song is saved.

This behaviour only seems to apply to NEW songs.  Existing songs edit OK.  That seems to provides a partial work around  I edited an an unwanted existing song with the same number of verses, then replaced the title and the verses, one at a time.  Voila!  No duplicate last slide.  As I can't find out how to import an EW2009 song into the database, and it is also not possible to make a copy of an existing EW6 song in the EW6 database, this is not a useful work around - it is only viable where you can afford to sacrifice an existing song.

The other work-around is to delete the extra (duplicate) slide in the Schedule.  That works - BUT you have to remember to do it whenever one of these songs comes up -otherwise the poor operator will get very confused!

This editor glitch makes EW6 rather useless for us at the moment, and EW2009 is also not usable on my machine, because the latest Windows 10 update has broken the song editor there, too -- completely!

Is anyone else having this problem? Or is it something peculiar with my setup?

Doug B


This has been reported and will be fixed in the next update.


Oops!  Sorry, I got it wrong.  After disabling and re-enabling .net 3.5, the songs I checked for a duplicated last slide were ones that I had "created" by editing an existing song, which I have already reported works OK.  When I started cleaning up my trial edits, I discovered that the problem has NOT gone away afterall.  It did seem to be too good to be true!


 After posting the above report, I wondered whether the problem had anything to do with .net Framework support - maybe the new Windows 10 update had somehow interfered with that??

So this morning I went to Control Panel/Programs and Features to check on .net versions.  It showed listed 3.5, 4.5 and 4.6 as turned on. 

As an experiment, I turned off .net 3.5.  The computer asked for a restart.  After that, I went back to Programs and Features and re-enabled .net 3.5.  The computer reported that the necessary files were not available, and must be downloaded via Windows Update - which it went ahead and carried out.  Once that process was completed, I opened EW6, and the problem of the song editor duplicating the last slide had disappeared!