Song Theme Master Slides by Slide Type

Again, sorry if this was already suggested. If there is a way to search the feature request sub forum, I do not see it in your website UI.

In Themes, you can define a Song Theme. This theme only gives a single master slide you can design.

However, when you input a song, it recognizes different keywords for the slide title. IE, if the slide title is 'Chorus' then the slide is in the preview area is purple. If the slide title is 'Tag' or 'Bridge' it is an even darker shade of purple. If it's neither of these, such as 'Verse 1', then it's blue. There might be more keywords it recognizes - no idea what they would be.

I would like to have master slides for these other types of slides that are recognized by keyword.

IE, I haven't decided yet, but I might want chorus slides to always have the text italicized. Or maybe I change the background image, indicating we've transitioned to the chorus.

PS. A keyword it doesn't recognize, but should is 'Refrain'. Refrain is often used interchangeably with Chorus, but there is slight differences between the two, depending on context of the hymn structure. It would be fine in this extra master slides concept that Refrain & Chorus share the same master slide. Same with Tag & Bridge sharing a master slide. Not sure what other keywords - haven't discovered them if they exist.

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Having other themes would be great inside song creation.

I just noticed the mag glass icon. Not sure why I was blind to it. I didn't find any existing topcis like this one or my previous one.

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