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How would you like the feature to work? 

When I set a theme, I would like it to override the song settings so that I do not have to edit every song in my database.

Why is this feature important to you? 

When in the midst of a service we choose a song occasionally that is not scheduled. If we have not previously edited that song, it will not show properly with our screen/display setup. If the theme settings would override the song settings, that would eliminate that issue.

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 All songs in the database are by default set to use the theme you have set to be the default theme.  If the song has been modified, it will use the options you defined in the song and not the default theme you set. You may edit the song and reset the song to use the global settings by editing it, clicking inspector, then presentation and revert to global. After that it will use whatever you have set as the default theme.