Moving and NDI input

  • I have EW7 on 2 pc's.  
  •    PC1  (in house)
  •    PC2  (Streaming)
  • It's a non subscription version.    

I have EW7 on a 2nd machine, this has a  closed caption program running on PC2.   I can setup an NDI output to be an NDI input on PC1 because PC1  does not receive audio input from our soundboard.   However for my NDI  I'm using a region of interest.  This sends to PC1   BUT!  it shows up as a full screen and the CC is right smack in the middle.    

Is there a way to take the NDI feed and only show that specific region that's being transmitted at the bottom of the screen in EW as and NDI input? 

EW NDI.jpg
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