Alignment of text in Alternate output is wrong

Bug Report: Alignment of text in Alternate output is wrong (left alignment shows as right alignment)

EasyWorship Version: 7

EasyWorship Build Number:

Operating System: n.a.

CPU type & speed: n.a.

Amount of system memory (RAM): n.a.

Free hard drive space: n.a.

Graphics card model: v

Graphics card memory: v

Capture card if applicable: n.a.

How is your computer connected to the output screen(s)? HDMI (also the alternate output)

Description of the bug: Alignment of text in Alternate output is wrong

How was your service impacted? not

How was your preparation time impacted? not 

Step by step instructions on how to reproduce the bug:

We use the alternate output to display lower thirds text. This works great, but we found that when we setup the text with left alighment, the text is aligned to the right and not to the left. Center alignment works OK.

Looks like a bug.

I tested this and I do see a bug, but it was a little different than you explained. If I set my theme to left or right aligned, it works. If I set it to center, it goes where my default setting is in the Options. Themes should overwrite the Options. I will mark this as a bug and have our developers take a look at it. 

The workaround would be to set the default setting in options the way you want.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for looking in to this issue.

I made a scripture theme to use with the alternate output and set the text alignment to "left" in the theme (for lower thirds).

On the main screen we align the text at center.

The alternate screen showd the alignment to the right. If we change the theme setting so that the text is aligned center, this works (text goes to center).

But when we set it to "left" it remains on the right.


I now checked the settings of the text alignment for the alternate output (under options) and there the text alignment was set to "right".
Setting that to "left" fixes the issue.

I was not aware of that. But I also think the theme setting should "overrule" the default options? And it appears it does when we use "center".....

Best regards,


I am not able to recreate this issue. Are you setting the text alignment in the Default font settings under Edit>Options>Alt output? Or are you setting the alignment in the theme or a specific song? Is this happening with songs, scriptures, and presentations or only specific items?

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