Video background freezes

Today was the first day to use our new computer. Unfortunately, video backgrounds froze while the lyrics transitioned to the next slide. However, the video evidently was still playing in the background because when the lyrics had completed transitioning, the video jumped forward.

Perhaps an unrelated issue also presented itself today. OBS would not pick up the Easy Worship's extended screen. Instead, it wanted to display the Easy Worship work screen. BTW, it displayed the Easy Worship extended screen correctly last week during a  test run.

Here are some computer configuration details:

OS: Windows 11 Home

Manufacturer: HP

Model: OMEN 30L Desktop GT13-1xxx

Type: x64-based PC

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core3801 Mhz, 16 logical processors

Memory: 64 GB

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti


Resolution: 1920 x 1080 x 60 hertz

Bits/Pixel: 32

EasyWorship Version: 7.3.2

Please help resolve these issues.

Stan Welton

Best Answer

It wasn't just the video background but the entire program

I would install the most current build from this link

I have and ours froze in the middle of service today.

i7-10750H CPU @2.60GHz

GTX-1650 Ti Video Card

500 GB SSD

8 GB Memory

64 Bit

Any ideas?


It wasn't just the video background but the entire program

I had the same issue.

Randomly freezes, have to kill the process in Task Manager.

8th gen i5



Easy Worship froze during worship today. This is the 2nd time since the upgrade. Is there a fix for this?

Happened to me AGAIN today as well.I have sent in a Support Ticket and am awaiting an answer. I will post it on here if they give me a fix.

I have an appointment for an Easyworship Tech to remote in to my Laptop today at 4pm. I will let y'all know what we find.

They uninstalled and went back and installed about 4 or 5 updates all the way up to 7.4.08, in worked great for 2 weeks and now its freezing again.

We have been experiencing this issue intermittingly.  EW freezes - cannot advance, X out, etc. - yet other apps are active.  Have seen on two different laptops (HP i7, 16gb, Intel UHD, Win 10 21H2, now on 22H2, ssd; HP i5, 12gb, Intel UHD, Win 10 & 11 21H2, ssd).  Have reduced apps to minimum, updated all drivers, etc., but issue still occurs.  Sometimes during worship service, but last week worship leader had issue twice while building schedules.  Sign out and restart EW to resolve.  Plan on installing beta next week to see if any improvement.  I have not been able to replicate issue, to date, during offline testing at home which includes hdmi output to monitor.

We have been experiencing this issue intermittingly.  EW freezes - cannot X out or control display.  Sometimes during service(s) and during schedule builds at different points.  Sign out and restart EW.  Issue has occurred on 2 different laptops (HP i7, 16gb, SSD, Intel UHD, Win 10 21H2 (currently 22H2); HP i5, 12gb, SSD, Intel UHD, Win 10 & 11 21H2).  Have minimized Apps, updated all drivers, etc. in effort to reduce possible conflicts/impacts.  Will install beta next week.

Robert, unfortunately neither of those laptops meet the minimum system specs to run EW (see link below). EW does not support Intel integrated graphics such as the UHD they have. Newer builds of EW are highly dependent on the graphics subsystem of your computer and Intel integrated graphics simply do not have enough graphics power to handle the load. To check to see if the graphics chips is causing the issue open EW, click on the EDIT tab in the menu, go to the ADVANCED tab and put a check mark in the Disable GPU Shrink Filter. If all works properly you know you have insufficient graphics. If that doesn't correct the issue you have a differet problem you need to diagnose and correct. 

Please note that this isn't a long term solution. This option is meerely a diagnostic tool and should only be used as such.

Thank you for your feedback. Will be installing Also your suggested temporary diagnostic workaround. Some research indicates that there is a "performance" setting for UHD GPUs which may help. Hopefully these changes will be effective. We only have basic output needs.

Do you have any information as to viability of newer Intel graphics, such as Iris or Arc? Looking at new laptops, but this is not in our budget. Would we need to disable the integrated graphics to permit dedicated graphics (nvidia gtx, etc) to work correctly in EW?

Thanks your assistance. is one of the releases that uses the Graphics sub system more than the older releases like, so I doubt that it will help. EW hasn't released any information about newer Intel Arc or Iris graphics being supported, but I wouldn't hold my breath about it happening. They don't support AMD graphics either, and many AMD graphics cards are equal to, or exceed the capabilities of Nvidia cards.

And yes, you would need to disable the Intel graphics to use the Nividia graphics. Depending on the system you might only need to manually set the system to prioritize the Nvidia graphics over the Intel as by default it prioritizes the Intel graphics until enough of a load is placed on the system for it to switch to Nvidia on its own.

Follow up:  We will be replacing our main unit with a new laptop with all the bells and whistles - Nvidia RTX 3050.  Have set Nvidia as prime gui with high performance settings.  Testing OK to date, will be putting into service on Wed.  Do have a question:  Should we use the Nvidia "game ready" or "studio" software?  From the site descriptions have chosen studio for initial implementation.  Thanks and Happy Holy-Days.

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