NBV21 - De Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling

I purchased this: NBV21 - De Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling  

I use Version 6 build

But when i check:  More Available...

The new plugin is not there.

What is the solution for this?

kind regards,


It's a simple solution.

> Press. install plug-in

> Download the plug-in (small note below pop up page)

> Save the plug-in on a disk or usb stick

> Go to EW - scriptures - more available (press richt mouse button)  - install from disk

> Find the downloaded file (*.ewb) and install it.

I'm confused. I purchused this translation as well (NBV21 - De Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling), expecting that this is actually the 2021 version and NOT the 2004 version (NBV).

Now my account says I have two NBV bibles but there is no new plugin (*.ewb) to be downloaded.

Did you get the right version?

Ah, i missed this hint ...

You need to download the file nbv21.ewb using the 'here' link in the small text on the pop-up when you click on the "install plugin" link.

There is a small printed text:

Or if you use EasyWorship offline, you can download the install  file here.

Click on the link and save the file.

And then use 'Install From Disk' in easy worship.

I am glad this bible version is finally available.

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