[v6 General Discussion] Capture microphone as a feed

We are streaming to Youtube and would like to add our keyboard as a music input to a slide. I have tried to use an Onyx Blackjack usb capture and a Behringer UCA202 usb capture device. They do not show up when I try to add them as a feed. They are fine in OBS but I would like to simplify the operation by having all audio and video feeds within EW. A webcam as a feed captures both the audio and video. Is there a way? EW


Dale Mabbott

Devon united Church

Before I could give a good answer, there are a few things you don't mention.

You stream to YT. OK. What are you using to stream to YT with? I am not aware that Ew does any streaming so I assume you must be using some other software. You mention OBS. Are you using that to stream to YT?

If so, I would expect that you would take the audio feed you want and feed it into OBS, or you would be better doing what we do and use the audio mixing desk to mix all audio, feed that into vMix or OBS (we use vMix) along with any EW output from the projection PC then OBS/vMix or other video mixing/streaming software would stream the final mix to YT.

I am not aware that EW is an audio mixer or even a video mixer but rather a video switcher sending a picture to your main church screen.

The two devices you mention are both audio capture devices and as such EW will not recognise them. You could use an HDMI capture device that would bring a black image (No Picture) plus audio into EW but that is all it would play - a black image with audio but you would likely need a camera to pick up the audio which may not be the best quality. If you could find an HDMI device that had an audio injection into the HDMI stream that might work OK. Such as a Video to HDMI upscaler, (quite cheap on eBay) and use only the audio input. Another device you could use is an Video to USB capture device. That would be just one item and you only use the audio inputs with no video. EW would recognise that. All of these devices are available on eBay quite cheaply. You could potentially use that feed as a background and place song words over it but it would be a black background. I have used several different HDMI and Video capture devices over the years and it seems as long as they are Direct Show compatible they will work OK.

You could stretch the friendship a little and run your main screen content via the LIVE panel as normal and have that feed(music) in the preview panel. That means your music would be playing while EW is showing other content on screen. Don't click on any new items though as you lose what is happening in the preview!
I am a newbie at this. We are using OBS as the streaming software. I am aware that I can use OBS as the capture device, however, my objective is to simplify as much as possible. Then, I could send everything to OBS with no scene switching. I am the only tech person in our small church, so if I could do that, someone with a little computer experience could fill in for me.

I like your suggestion of using a video capture device and capturing the sound from it. I will give that a try.

Thanks for all your suggestions.