[Tips & Tricks] EW 6 stops responding using Remote Desktop

EasyWorship 6 stops responding while using Windows 10 Remote Desktop. i am able to use EW6 on our AV computer, with the data on a server, but when I try to start EW6 remotely on the server (where the data also is), EW stops responding. My only option is to end the task.

All of the sections of the screen appear, but none of the data appears. Can we launch EW6 without causing this issue and investigate the profile?

EW launches without incident from the server directly.

The Remote desktop connection settings for "Experience" are:

connection speed = Modem 56 kbps

Font smoothing selected

persistent bitmap caching selected

Reconnect if the connection is dropped is selected

We are at a loss with this problem.


Philip Templeton

Church of the Ascension, London ON