PowerPoint Button must have

Hello Easyworship developers, our church has been using Easyworship software since 2003 and we have bought every version of EW till version7. removal of the PowerPoint button has been very difficult to work with since we use PowerPoint slides only, We simply don't have enough time to make million of klicks to put up a PowerPoint. I've been reading all EW Support pages about the PowerPoint button and has been promised a PowerPoint button to a new update or version for more then 2 years and it never happened, it simply seams like you guy's don't care. My question is is going to happened or we just have to look for a different software to use.  Thank you very much and God Bless.  

Did you know you can drag and drop a PPT from your computer into the EW schedule or Presentation tab? Other than that, to add a PPT directly to the schedule from your computer takes 2 clicks. You can either right click in the schedule and then hover over Add Item and then click Browse for PPT, or click the gear in the top right of the schedule and hover over Add Item and click Browse for PPT.
To add a PPT to the Presentations tab is the same, only 2 clicks. Right click in the Presentation library and click Import PPT File.

EasyWorship does care about feature requests, but not all of them necessarily make it into the software. Would you be able to provide a link to where it was promised? I have not seen that anywhere.

Dragging PPT file doesn't work, wen you have to browse for a file in a folder with 7500 files. You should be able to one click the button and then type you file name when it comes up you click enter and you file loads instantly.   The version before 6 had a dedicated button for PowerPoint presentation. and it worked very well. 

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