NDI Stream as Alternate Output


Our church is in the process of testing the features of EW7 before we make a purchase or subscribe.
We want to use NDI on the alternate output feature. However, screen margins option is getting disabled when selecting NDI as output. Is that really the behavior of that? We won't be able to adjust the margins when using NDI output?

Secondly, we can't find the NDI output via the network. Is this normal because we are just using the demo version? Or that means we will still have problems even when already on subscription?

Thanks in Advance!

You won't have the screen margin available for NDI because it's sending through the network at a specific resolution. The device you capture that NDI feed from will determine the screen size and any margins that need to be set.

Are you sending the NDI feed to a streaming software? If so, is it on the same computer or a different computer?

Hello Dan, Thanks for explaining how the screen size and margin work via NDI, that make sense now. Yes, we are sending the NDI feed to a streaming software. Right now with the testing, it is on the same computer. But we have just purchased another computer where we will install EasyWorship 7. In fact, we'll have another testing tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be easy to find the NDI feed this time. I'll share the result and let you know in case we need further help on this.. :)

If you still aren't able to see it over the network, you can try installing the latest NDI tools to see if that will fix it. 

NDI Tools | NDI.tv 

Hello Dan,

The testing today went very well. We were able to get all the desired outcomes! Really amazing! Our team will have a meeting tomorrow and will be subscribing to EasyWorship 7 real soon. Thanks for taking the time responding in this thread. Appreciate it very much!

That's GREAT! I'm glad you got it working! You are very welcome

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