Comprei uma Bíblia ontem de noite direto no site, foi aprovado, porem não consigo baixar no software aparece para comprar de novo.

The most common cause of this is purchasing it thru a different EW account than they used to activate EW itself. 

A Conta é a mesma, e no site não aparece para baixar, aparece para comprar..

You don't download it from the website. You download it within EW itself, under the scriptures tab.

tentei baixar do site não vai e nem no EW aparece para eu comprar..

You have to be using EW while it is logged in to the same account that you purchased the bible with. Look under the Scripture tab in the resource area for the bible in question. You might have to click where it says more available to find it. If you purchased the Bible using the same account it should be there. Click on it to download it. If that doesn't help due to privacy and security concerns you would need to either call EW by telephone (+1-918-250-1493) or go to the support page (link below) and open a Support Ticket.

I'm not employed by EW, I'm just a user trying to help other users where I can. Unfortunately some problems need actual EW support personnel to fix.

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