Accessing Youtube in Easyworship 6

Using the web option in EWS6 to access Youtube I keep getting a response to update my browser. I can access other websites ok, I am using Microsoft edge that is the most up to date version for Windows 10.. It's as if EWS web access is using an older browser eg Internet Explorer. How do I check which browser Easyworship is using?


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It doesn't matter which version of Windows or which release of EW you run. You can NOT play YouTube videos from within EW period at this time. This is an issue with Google deciding to end support for playing their videos with Internet Explorer.  EW says that will be fixed in an upcoming release of EW7, but not 6.

The EW Videos like the training videos are not YouTube videos. They are hosted on Vimeo if I'm not mistaken.

I cannot get the YouTube home page to run on the newest version of EW 7.3 either. Also running Win11. But if I click on the tutorial videos on EW Web Home page, YouTube works for those...sort of. It is buggy. Have latest Edge and Chrome, but no joy. 

Thanks for your comment Donal, can't disagree with what you said. A work around is to play Youtube videos out side of the EW schedule.

Since EW6 is an old version, it is no longer being updated. The plan as of now is to have this fix, with other bug fixes, be available to all users of EW7. 

It has absolutely nothing to do with which build of EW6 (or 7 for that matter). It worked in the past because YouTube still supported IE. Once they stopped supporting it altogether (I don't know the exact date when this happened) IE can no longer display YT videos. On Windows 10 and 11 when you attempt to play a YT video in EW it will automatically switch to Edge to play it. Unfortunately something in the way that EW calls IE that handoff doesn't happen. I'm not a programmer so I don't know exactly how that happens from a technical side, just that it happens. 

Disappointing to hear it may not be fixed in EW6 , I'm sure it worked before EW6.7.16.0.

Dan will that be for ALL supported versions of EW7 or just the latest 7.3 branch? And will it be only for the subscription plan users or will it be available for everyone?


This is a known issue and it will be fixed in the next update of EW7. Most likely, it will not be fixed in EW6 since that is the old version of EW.

I'm running into the same issue of "Browser not supported" when I try to access YouTube through Easyworship Web.  EWS build running Windows 11. 

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