Missing ad2mcmpgdec.dll file

 We are running Easyworship 6 on a Windows 7 desktop, when loading a Video from a DVD thru Easyworship it is giving an error of ( The program can't start because ad2mcmpgdec.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. )

Is this talking about reloading Easyworship 6 or Windows 7.   Easyworship was a download upgrade so I don't have a disc, and Windows 7 was on the machine when purchased so I don't have a disc on it either

Any suggestions or help will be gratefull.


That is a codec. You need to install the Dscaler codec on the computer to be able to play DVDs in EW. 

Codecs And Viewers : EasyWorship 

And you can download the latest release of EW6 from the link below. It also has links to EW7 as well as necessary Codecs and Viewers for EW6.


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