Trouble importing image and video media files

So a few months ago I moved easyworship from s pc to a computer and it worked fine until a few weeks ago I tried importing some videos and images (the various way you can) but it imports as a corrupted file ( shows up black on the preview and where it displays it has a yellow triangle with an exclamation point over it. I tried going into the v6.1 file and deleting the media that wasn't in the correct form (jpeg etc) and then deleting the datacache then closing the program and reopening it but still nothing. Help me please!

Are you adding the files from the local drive or are they from a network or USB drive?

Were these files working on the old computer?

Have you tried copying them directly to the Resources folder to see if that works?

I tried importing from a usb which still didn't work, yes the files worked great on the previous laptop, however i will try to copy them directly to the resources folder, thanks!
Hey thanks it works with our image files but not our videos

I need help loading videos into Easy Worship from YouTube. When I select videos, then the plus sign, then select import video file, my computer only brings up my local files and not the browser to search for the video I downloaded. Any help is appreciated.


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