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I have needed to upgrade my computer and are trying to download EW 6 but continue to get an error message when I click on the  desktop shortcut.

I have deleted and re downloaded 3 times, always with the same result. Can you help

David Morrison

Middlemount Fellowship AOG

EW6 is fully compatible with Windows 10. It runs perfectly on it. The link I provided above has the latest build of EW6 as well as instructions on additional codecs and setup information. EW doesn't release patches for it's software starting with EW6, they release new complete, self contained builds.

Previous versions of EW such as 2009 and earlier did have some patches, but only 2009 had a patch for Windows 10. Unfortunately that still doesn't provide full functionality when used under Windows 10.

What you need to do is what I mentioned in my previous post is to post the Error Message you are receiving, and when you get it. Does it happen when installing EW or when trying to launch the program afterward. And while you are at it please provide system specs IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE (especially cpu and graphics) of the computer you are having the problem with. With that information we might be able to diagnose what the issue is.

And check the MD5 hash sums as outlined above for the download I linked for you to verify that the installer file is complete and valid.

Hi Don I am trying to load onto Windows 10. A new computer. Is there a a patch to make EW6 compatible. I need to be able to run the same program as I am on one other PC.

I just tried downloading the latest EW6 from the page linked from the EW Support page below. It downloaded extremely slowly at only 250 kbps on my 100 mbps connection. I didn't have any error messages when I double clicked on it. You might want to verify that the file completely downloaded and that it's file size in Windows File Explorer is 96,125 and it's MD5 Hash is 9A8809D9D6E2F05934C68237F7F22C90. Info on calculating the MD5 hash for your file is in the second link below. If the file appears to be complete, please post more information about the error message you are receiving.

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